Customer and employee training

Theory training of employees

Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success.
- Henry Ford

Everything is becoming increasingly complex – Probst products too. And since technical devices are basically nothing more than materialised knowledge and imparted human experience, what’s inside the technology can only be used when you know how to use it. By itself, even the most expensive machine is useless; the learned are the only ones able to tap its potential. For this reason, we provide fundamental and thorough product instruction classes for both customers and our employees.

As a rule, the theoretical and basic knowledge is imparted in our central training rooms. Afterwards, we pay a visit to our showroom, where the individual products are presented and their function explained to the trainees in a practical manner. It’s always exciting when the participants get a chance to try things out for themselves; this is when most have their own personal light-bulb moment, and, as we all know, that’s what stays in memory the longest.
If you wish to take part in a product training session, simply get in touch with us.


Probst Showroom

Our newly opened showroom at our main location offers visitors the unique opportunity to experience both the wide range of our products and their quality up close and personal. All of our tools can be tried out and put to task by our visitors.

Why not arrange for a tour through our showroom of Probst products? We’ll be glad to listen and respond to your specific interests and wishes.
We also offer:

  • Customer training
  • Retailer training
  • Driver training

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