World market leader on silent soles - but on electricity

24. czerwiec 2019

Field reports from practical experience: how does the all-electric installation machine behave on construction sites?

Public tenders increasingly provide for emission-reduced construction work as a prerequisite for the award of contracts. Especially in the urban environment, for the inner cities, near schools, kindergartens and hospitals, but also within underground car parks, ever stricter pollutant and noise emission limits apply. The new all-electric VM-301-Greenline paver and slab laying machine from Probst GmbH enables emission-free, environmentally friendly and ergonomic working and thus meets the strict requirements of the tenders.
Accordingly, the topic of "electric drive" was on everyone's lips at Bauma 2019. In various segments, market participants have tried to offer electrical or semi-electrical solutions - including installation technology.

Here, Probst has succeeded in presenting a large, functional solution that clearly underscores its market leadership in this innovative segment as well. It is not only possible to lay pavers for 2-3 hours in test mode. With the Greenline, a laying machine has been developed that is fully equivalent to machines with a conventional engine. It meets both the requirements in terms of efficiency and consistent operating time - with zero noise and exhaust emissions at the same time.

There are different ways of approaching new technologies - the small solution is to show your presence on the market or the opportunity to actually develop a well-founded result suitable for everyday use. As always, Probst worked thoroughly and presented the only sensible solution for the user for a fully electric installation machine at Bauma.

Already 3 years ago, Probst decided to present a fully electric paver laying machine at Bauma 2019. The obvious solution of replacing the previous diesel engine with an electric motor and leaving the travel drive and working hydraulics in place was quickly discarded. Tests on various construction sites showed that even with a very high battery capacity, an operating time of only 2 to a maximum of 3 hours would be possible with one battery charge. An "energy-guzzling" hydraulic travel drive therefore proved to be impractical. Thus, only the far more sophisticated solution was considered: the combination of highly efficient electric wheel motors, an electrically driven hydraulic small unit for the working hydraulics as well as modular lithium-ion batteries. This allows up to 9 hours of laying operation without intermediate charging. With an intermediate charge of about one hour, even up to 12 hours of laying operation are possible. The battery technology has a pleasant side effect for the operator: it runs very smoothly and thus enables long, fatigue-free working. All attachments of the fully electric carrier are reliably supplied with an output of 5 kW via the working hydraulics. The maintenance effort for the electric motors is zero. Thus, the VM Greenline significantly reduces follow-up costs.

The sympathetically modest world market leader from Swabia came to bauma on silent soles or better rubber tyres and electrified the enthusiastic customers with their all-electric laying machine. Sales Manager Holger Merholz reports: "The ever-increasing Emisson requirements in the inner city area and the loads during installation in underground garages have convinced our customers to include the VM Greenline in their machine range!

The VM-301-Greenline has also proven itself in practice. German Hauber, co-owner of FH-Pflasterbau GmbH from Wört, has been relying on Probst laying machines for many years. At bauma 2016, he expressed the wish to be able to work with an electric laying machine from Probst in the future. In March 2019, he now had the opportunity to test one of Probst's first all-electric laying machines. In Ansbach, he laid paving for a company car park on an area of approx. 800 m². Hauber was enthusiastic about how long the battery-powered laying machine can be used without having to recharge. It was a relief for his employee not to be exposed to diesel exhaust fumes all day long. German Hauber reports enthusiastically: "The machine drives with low vibration and practically no noise.

Dieter Schanderl, owner of the company "Dieter Schanderl - Maschinelle Betonsteinlegung" in Buchloe in the Swabian district of Ostallgäu, has already worked with the new laying machine. In May it was used in an underground car park for an apartment building in Augsburg. On an area of 1,500 m², Mr. Schanderl installed the VM-301-Greenline H-stones there.

Dieter Schanderl usually works with a conventional laying machine from Probst with diesel drive. "Especially in the underground car park situation it is of course pleasant that the electric laying machine does not emit any exhaust fumes". praises Schanderl and continues: "The driver's seat is very comfortable. Since I spend many hours on it, this is of course a big bonus".
"I clearly see a need in the construction industry to address the issue of electric drives. In public tenders, emission-reduced construction work is becoming an increasingly frequent requirement for the award of projects. That's why I find it very exciting to test the new Probst laying machine. Of course, I was particularly interested in the battery life. In fact, charging the batteries was very easy. In the lunch break I activated the quick charge function for 1 hour and could use the machine all day long.

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