Product News

World market leader on silent soles - but on electricity

24. czerwiec 2019 Field reports from practical experience: how does the all-electric installation machine behave on construction sites?  more

Paving "smart and green“

09. kwiecień 2019 The new Greenline series  more

Bigger. Safer. More efficient.

09. kwiecień 2019 Innovations for pipe handling   more

Cutting stone? Be safe! With SAFEFLEX SF

25. październik 2018 An angle grinder is commonly used to cut stones to size on site while paving. Accident statistics show that this is far from risk-free. The new Safeflex from Probst protects the worker and replaces a cutting table. It earned the innovation medal at GaLaBau 2018.   more

Install concrete paving to last

25. maj 2018 Concrete paving has a reputation of being particularly durable. However, this is also crucially dependent upon professional preparation of the base and correct execution of the installation work. Clever tools from Probst help professionals to produce professional work here. The key to durability of a concrete paving surface...  more

Sewer and pipe installation with a system

18. styczeń 2018 Current condition data of the sewers in Germany show a need for renovation: over 60 percent of all sewers recorded are already over 25 years old. The average age is actually almost 40 years. When installing the pipes and creating the shafts and outlets, there is all the more need for quality. With professional handling...  more

Load, remove, stack, turn

20. czerwiec 2017 Internal handling in the production of interlocking paving stones. Weight is one, safety the other challenge. Anyone who wants to rearrange or pick loose interlocking paving stone packages or to implement or even turn bulky edge angles knows how difficult it is without the right tools. Probst offers many mechanical,...  more

Paving Machine with new Paving Stone Grip at Work in Sindelfingen

05. październik 2016 The Blue and Yellow Eagle is always on Call - A new parking garage for a company had to be paved in record time. Alas, just when the paving was about to start, the company commissioned with the work, the Verbu-Bau GmbH construction company, experienced difficulties with the old paving stone grip. Just then, the grip failed to...  more

Probst Paving Carrier with Vacuum Attachment in Action

05. październik 2016 Since 2014, the restoration of Munich's historic Marienplatz (St. Mary Plaza) proceeds in several stages. One by one, new granite paving stones will soon replace the current old ones. The Swabian Mechanical Engineering Company Probst supplied the paving carrier TRANSMOBIL TM with the vacuum attachment SH-2500 to make this work...  more

Lift, Transport and Reinstall Stuck Manhole Covers with Ease

23. marzec 2016 It takes a lot of muscle power to lift manhole covers out of their frames manually using a hook. Manhole covers may weigh up to 70 kilograms (154 lbs.). Ergonomic considerations make lifting heavy manhole covers a rather risky undertaking. Even if two persons lift the heavy covers, injuries may occur.   more

NEW! The mechanical Round Grab RG-75/125-SAFELOCK

23. marzec 2016 Effective Accident Prevention – The Round Grab RG-75/125-SAFELOCK Maintains Full Gripping Force regardless of Improper Operation  more

New! The Gully Clamp SAZ-UNI

23. październik 2015 Small, light yet strong! Our new clamp specifically for cumbersome and heavy concrete sections for road gullies.  more

Probst becomes exclusive distributor of the ALMI block cutters

11. sierpień 2015 The companies ALMI and Probst have entered into a strategic partnership. Effective immediately, Probst is taking over as the exclusive worldwide distributor of ALMI products. These will feature the Probst logo and the "Made by ALMI" label.  more

A precise base grade is half the battle - Telescopic Screeding System TAS-UNI

11. czerwiec 2015 Preparing the base grade is essential before installing pavement or slabs. In addition to a thoroughly compacted sub grade, a properly installed base grade at the right height is the most important requirement to ensure that pavement lasts many years, even under heavy loads and difficult weather conditions.  more

New video: Laying of boulders in the zoo

13. marzec 2015 The Manual Boulder Grab H-FVZ-UNI in use  more

Are You Ready for Spring Cleaning?

09. marzec 2015 Dirty or moss-covered concrete paving, tiled, and natural stone surfaces have little appeal. By the time spring is around the corner, road salt from de-icing the streets may also have accumulated in the joints. Many people will reach for commercially available high-pressure cleaners to blast away the dirt. However,...  more

Machine training in Oman

18. grudzień 2014 Turn the key and go! It‘s not quite that easy with many new machines today. Specialised training is often required for heavy equipment in order to maximise the potential.  more

Concrete Pipe Lifter operating at £431 million flagship tram project in England

28. lipiec 2014 A-Plant - one of the UK’s largest equipment rental companies - is the first UK hire company to have purchased the concrete pipe lifter RVD-4-ECO-4-F, designed for the safe unloading and laying of concrete pipes in trenches on construction sites.  more

Small grab with tremendous power

29. styczeń 2014 Construction work in the downtown core is always inconvenient for the public and business owners. Therefore, fast and efficient completion of the work is in everyone's best interests. Tools and machines on which one can rely play a key role in this regard. During restoration of the downtown core in Oberstenfeld (Germany), the...  more

Deserving of a medal - Probst Paver Installation Machines pave quickly and efficiently in the Olympic Park in Sochi

22. styczeń 2014 Gigantic building projects have been heralding the „Winter Olympic Games“ mega event in Sochi for months - and in some cases even years. Hotels, athletes‘ villages and a complete train track were built in record time. This was in addition to 5 ice rinks and the central stadium in the Olympic Park. Russia has spent around 37...  more

Laying of natural stones at the University of Oslo

07. sierpień 2013 Transport and handling of palletized building material and vacuum installation all in one - that also convinced the Norwegians!  more

Installation machine and wheel loader at the same time: UNIPOSE 1204 Vacuum Kerb Stone Laying Loader

03. czerwiec 2013 Installation of kerb stones, prefabricated building elements and slabs made easy.  more

All-rounder with enormous suction power: TRANSMOBIL TM Installation Carrier

23. kwiecień 2013 NEW: Up to 200 kg lifting capacity when fully extended and upgradeable up to 250 kg at reduced outreach!  more

Installation Machine VM-301-PAVERMAX

22. kwiecień 2013 Probst paver installation machines offer simple handling, user-friendly operation, efficiency and first-class performance. The VM-301 originates from systematic enhancement and technical evolution of the VM-203 model.  more

Double clamp for cones DAK-VA

18. kwiecień 2013 When using the DAK-VA for handling 100 cones, the time saving is approx.. 2,5 hours!  more


14. grudzień 2012 Tested by landscaping specialists: dynamically shaped paths created quick and without visual interruptions.  more

Concrete Step Handle TSZ-UNI-WB-SQ

17. sierpień 2012 Concrete Step Handle TSZ-UNI: Now Extendable with Steelfinger Grippers for Installation of Roughly-cut Ashlar Rocks. The multi-usage grabs, not only for concrete steps, much more universal, especially designed for all landscaping elements!  more

Concrete Pipe Lifter RVD-4-ECO-F

16. sierpień 2012 50% Time Savings in Pipe Handling by 1-Man Operation. The universal installation device for unloading, transport and installation of steel reinforced concrete pipes (such as sewer pipes) w/diameters from 300 to 1,200 mm and a maximum weight of 4 tons.  more

Installation Machine VM-401-MULTIMATIC

14. sierpień 2012 The proven flagship of the Probst laying machines – the VM-401. With new electric activation and program control, as well as the fitting hydraulic system for easier operation. According to the program, the different workflow will be controlled automatically.   more

Manhole Frame Clamp SRZ-M

12. sierpień 2012 Special clamp for safe and healthy pick-up and installation of manhole frames and concrete support rings. Leightweight, Efficient and Profitable.  more


11. sierpień 2012 Efficient and accurate installation of small-sized and lightweight slabs – this is the optimum application enhancement for the vacuum devices QUICKJET QJ-600-E, POWERJET PJ-1650-B and SPEEDY VS-140, which thus can be used even more universally.   more

Chain box KF

10. sierpień 2012 The chain box with integrated safety chain is available as an optional extra for the following Vacuum Laying Devices:  more

Wheelset QJ-RS for QUICKJET

09. sierpień 2012 With its new wheelset QJ-RS the QUICKJET becomes the perfect, mobile vacuum generator for economic and accurate installation of natural stones, concrete slabs, large-size pavers etc.   more

Wheelset PJ-RS for POWERJET PJ-1650-B

08. sierpień 2012 The transport trolley is available as an optional extra. Thus the POWERJET PJ-1650-B can be converted into a powerful, mobile vacuum generator.  more

Remote Control PJ-B-FFS for POWERJET PJ-1650-B

07. sierpień 2012 By means of an electric cylinder it is now simple and convenient to activate the release process with a remote control.   more

Loading Fork LG

17. kwiecień 2012 With automatic center-of-gravity balance for lifting and transport by crane. The automatic weight balance is effected under load through a  gas pressure spring. Continuously adjustable fork distance from 250 to 950 mm with LG 15 and from 400 to 900 mm with LG 20 (outer).Nominal height is adjustable from 1300 to 2000 mm...  more

Bamboo Broom BB

16. kwiecień 2012 The ideal, eco-friendly broom for in and outdoor This swivel broom with a sweeping width of up to 4 meters is far superior in cleaning performance than the traditional stiff broom.Allows a fatigue-free work due to low dead weight and comfortable work in upright position due to the long wooden handle.Long durability due to...  more


16. kwiecień 2012 The innovative new STRING TIGHT SB for the horticulture, landscaping, building and construction industry.Straight and square edges are required when installing paving stones, kerbs,slabs and bricks. Conventional plumb lines often catch against the stone thus not giving an accurate straight line reading.The STRING TIGHT SB...  more


16. kwiecień 2012 The smart marker for horticulture and landscaping, par excellence. Marks nearly all materials with a line thickness of constantly 2 mm, pavers can be cut to fit perfectly.Suitable for dry and wet surfaces, leaves no permanent marks, weathers itself after a short while.Unbreakable, crayon is reinforced with embedded glass...  more

Professional-Laser-Grade-Rod PLM

16. kwiecień 2012 Extremely rapid and precise levelling with this new, digital rod. No more quest for target height, immediate measurement within the 16,5 cm high receiving rangeHeight of laser level appears by pressing a button, the telescopic slide-out (1 – 4 m) is automatically taken into account.The differential value to the target level is...  more

Vacuum Picking Device for Forklift Trucks JUMBOSELECT JS

13. marzec 2012 More than ever, customers ask for prepacking of multiple products in specified quantities, thus concrete manufacturers cannot just supply complete packs and pallets of their concrete products. Piece picking has to be done – sometimes even quite heavy concrete products have to be selected and handled.  more

Vacuum-Lifting Device POWERJET PJ 1650-b

16. luty 2012 Large-sized concrete slabs with decorative surface finish as well as sandstone slabs may sometimes be very porous. The POWERJET is especially designed to for this kind of slabs.  more

SPEEDY VS-140-XL Vacuum-Hand Laying Device

15. luty 2012 Efficient Installation of Large-format Slabs – either manually or for easy hooking and hoisting at any carrier. Products up to a weight of 140 kg can be laid jointless with the new, budget-priced vacuum laying device SPEEDY VS-XL. Large-sized slabs are becoming increasingly popular - fast and safe installation due to long handles...  more

Round Grab RG-8-40

15. styczeń 2012 Tough and easy to use grab for secure and highly effi cient laying of pipes with an outside diameter up to 40 cm and maximum weight of 430 kg.   more

Grab for Prefabricated Concrete Products FTZ-UNI-50

10. styczeń 2012 With the Grab for prefabricated Concrete Products FTZ-UNI-50 you can grip and move especially heavy elements safe and powerful.  more


02. styczeń 2012 The FLORIS MOBIL FM is a light, versatile and cheaper alternative to the expensive and heavy drop-off forklift. It saves manpower and protects the health of your employees.  more

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