Environment & Social Responsibility

In today’s world, environmental protection is becoming increasingly important and it is also an important pillar of sustainable company development for us here at Probst. We see ourselves as bound to preserve our natural surroundings and do a lot in this regard.

The manufacturing sites of Probst are state-of-the-art facilities and contribute to a reduced use of energy. As such, when purchasing new machinery, we look out for high energy efficiency in particular. Probst also takes environmental protection aspects into account when it comes to the shipping of goods. Styrofoam is not used in our packaging material, instead we use crumpled paper.

The company’s efficient waste management takes care of, for example, the recycling of steel and aluminium and the reprocessing of used oil. As a sustainable company, Probst is aware of its particular responsibility.

Social Responsibility at Probst

handover of cheque

Teamwork plays an important role at Probst. In a family company of modest size everyone knows each other; no-one is a mere number. This is very much appreciated by our employees.

The aim of having a long-term business relationship with our employees and business partners is deep-seated in the company’s guidelines. Probst knows well its social responsibility. In this regard, it is tradition to financially support local institutions like kindergartens, schools and libraries in the form of donations.

Engagement for German Bone Marrow Donors File (DKMS)

In-house bone marrow typing for DKMS (Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei - German bone marrow donors file)

Additionally, Probst is actively engaged in the work of the Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei (DKMS - German Bone Marrow Donors File), a charitable organisation with the objective of improving the chances of recovery of Leukaemia sufferers by means of aid of bone marrow donations. To this end, typing is offered in the company and the saliva samples are forwarded for inclusion in the DKMS donor database. One Probst employee has already donated stem cells sent by courier for an ill patient in Australia, where they will hopefully save someone's life.

The costs of the 4-day loss of earnings of the stem cell donor due to various preliminary examinations and the actual donation were covered by Probst, which also gave the same amount to DKMS as a donation.

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